FoodFriends supporting Breast Cancer Awareness,
"Luscious ladies Day in Shades of Pink" was an event in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness but more important it was a morning to celebrate live.

It was a perfect opportunity for women to spend precious time together and enjoy some of life's little pleasures.

Cancer affects all our lives at some points and most people know someone who has been affected by it.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, second only to skin cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness month is a reminder to women across the world of the value of early detection and through fundraising and support groups, hope is given to women in need.

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Spanish Wines with FoodFriends at The Wine Shop
By Alison Holmes

On Thursday 11 November Foodfriends held a Spanish Wine Tasting at the Wine Shop with lovely Spanish food made by Maggie and Jo to accompany the fine wines. There were many regular attendees but there were also some new ones and as usual everyone was chatting away enjoying each other's company. Food consisted of chick pea, olive and chorizo salad; marinated prawns with garlic; a potato gratin made with olives, mushrooms, chorizo, red peppers and artichokes; sliced chorizo with garlic mayonnaise; various olive dips; orange and port pate; chicken bruschette cheeses, breads and crackers.

The first wine we tasted was a Faustino Cava Brut NV; Michael explained that this was made by methode traditionnalle which meant by the traditional way champagne is made and therefore bubbles are not produced by injection of carbon dioxide but by secondary fermentation in the bottle. This was a lovely wine, some people thought it was a little sweet but I didn't agree, it would be a good party drink and a lot more affordable than Champagne.

The second wine was a Besodevino Macabeo (white wine) with the aroma of fresh green apples and again a very good wine which you could drink at any time of day (breakfast was one suggestion) not sure I totally agree with that, maybe a little too early in the day for me.
Next came Besodevino Granacha Rosé, again I enjoyed this drink it wasn't sweet like some Rosé wines but some of the men thought it was more a 'girlie drink'.

The fourth wine was Besodevino Old Vine Garnacha, this was a red wine and quite light to drink for a red wine.

The last wine was Besodevino Seleccion, and was more full bodied, quite delicious and would go well with any red meat or game.

I had not tried many Spanish wines in the past but thoroughly enjoyed all the wines Michael had selected, so much so that a group of us were left behind chatting away over a few more bottles until the early morning. Another successful wine tasting event.

Thanks to Michael for his knowledge and explaining the wines to us and to Maggie and Jo for providing such great food.

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