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Salad Nibbler

Recent research has shown that starting with a small salad curbs your appetite. After eating a 100kcal salad (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumber. Two tablespoons fat-free cheese, three tablespoons fat-free dressing) the women studied ate an average of 12% fewer calories than if they'd just had pasta for lunch

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Drinking water before eating curbs appetite:

Drinking water before a meal appears to curb the appetite, according to researchers at Virginia Tech. The researchers reported the findings of a study they conducted involving overweight and obese people in the journal of the American Dietetic Association. The study was discussed recently at a forum on drinking water in Frankfurt. The overweight and obese people, who took part in the study, drank a half litre of water before breakfast. Their calorie intake during breakfast sank by about 75 calories. Over the course of a year, this equals 27,375 calories or the equivalent of three kilogram's of fat. According to researchers, if they were to drink similar amount of water before each meal, then their calories intake will be reduced dramatically, leading to eventual weight loss in the long run.

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Press: The Star, Monday, 7 October 2013
Positive in pink for a good cause
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Restaurant Reviews

Discovering what makes uncomplicated fish and chips truly delicious at Uncle Albert's Traditional Fish and Chip, Straits Quay

I am very happy for my dear friend, Maggie T as she makes one of her life long dreams come true with the launch of Uncle Albertís Traditional Fish and Chips at Straits Quay. She has always wanted to open a restaurant and where better than to have it here in Penang, one of the top food havens of the world. Together with Liam Healy, they bring authentic fish and chips to the shores of George Town. This is their second chain in Malaysia, with its inaugural induction in Ipoh in July 2013. Click here for full story.

Delicious Cafe Opens at Straits Quay, Penang!
Penang, already world famous for its food, has added several good exciting eating place since the opening of Straits Quay in November 2010. Everyone has been talking about and waiting for "Delicious" to open its doors on 1st May 2011. Click here for full story.

Irrawaddy Fine Foods
Irrawaddy Fine Foods is the latest venture from Penang-based expatriates Chef Tommes and Louise, who also run the award-winning That Little Wine Bar on Chow Thye Road. Click here for full story.

Aqua - a Mediterranean Journey (Tapas-Bar-Restaurant at Straits Quay)
I visited Aqua with Jo and two guests from Europe; ironically after traveling literally across oceans from Europe to Asia they found themselves taking "A Mediterranean Journey" for lunch at Aqua in Straits Quay. Click here for full story.

Kafe Mews at Muntri Mews
In July 2008 George Town Penang was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site and this recognition created awareness among people with vision to invest in George Town. Click here for full story.

Matsu Restaurant
Matsu, a Japanese-inspired restaurant opened in the newly refurnished Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi. Matsu (Japanese for Pine) is located over Lone Pine's trendy new Batubar at the front of the hotel.
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Healy Macs Irish Bar and Restaurant
For many years we Irish and other discerning imbibers bemoaned the absence of a proper Irish pub in our adopted city and jealous of those in Kuala Lumpur. Click here for full story.

Amelie Café
A new little 'Rustic eatery' has appeared in Armenian street called "Amelie, and if you blink you could walk right passed it without realising you are missing out on some great food as well as atmosphere. Click here for full story.

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine
... Edo Ichi is located on the ground floor of Island Plaza. The restaurant opened last December and seems to be quite popular as there is often a short wait to be seated in one of the several sections of the restaurant or at the small sushi bar. The decor is simple but attractive, with one wall covered in genuine-sppearing bamboo trees... Click here for full story.


Battle of Chefs a Penang signature event
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A playful Rendition of Australian Bouillabaisse MOD OZ Cuisine
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Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils
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Dinner with Sam Neill at the Datai
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Exclusive Food Tasting Reception
Maggie T

In January Jo, Rosie and Maggie T were invited to an Exclusive Food Tasting hosted by Pacific West's Corporate Development Chef John Redding and his Product Development team.

It was a very interesting morning of tasting new products and getting information from Chef John as to why he choose these ingredients and how he blended flavours and ingredients together and also to get the right nutritional value. An example of blending flavours together which worked perfect, in my opinion was the herb crusted salmon served with Leek Coulis with Curry and mediterranean style vegetables. (Click here to see recipe from John for Leek Coulis). This dish was my favourite of the morning and am sure it will be a big success for Pacific West when/if it goes on the market!

John knows from all the comments he received on the morning that he and his team are going in the right direction to bring new healthy, tasty and nutritional choice of meals to the market.

We would like to thank Chef John and Pacific West (the taste the world loves! for the invitation and the opportunity to be part of this process of choosing new products. Looking forward to next time!

Lone Pine Hotel, Penang
You've been working hard, putting in the long hours, absorbing the stresses of life, you're tired, and your partner is complaining that you are 'never there'. Click here for full story.

Note from FoodFriends: Irish hospitality combined with Irish cheese and champagne created a memorable evening at Desmond's charming bungalow. An innovative welcoming entertainment of the Penang Swimming Club's synchronised swimming team performing in the garden pool had every one enraptured. Tables laden with the wide variety of irish cheeses and many other deliciously tasty tit bits. Busy Shangri-La staff serving fine champagne and wines. A gathering of guests from all corners of Penang and the world. Just another great Irish party!
Maggie T

Irish Wine and Cheese Party for Friends of Shangri-La
The General Manager of Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Mr Desmond Hatton hosted an annual get-together for elite members of Penang's corporate community, leaders of the hospitality and travel trade, and special friends of the Shangri-La on 2 July 2010 at his private residence. Click here for full story.

Breast Cancer Awareness

FoodFriends supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, "Luscious ladies Day in Shades of Pink" was an event in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness but more important it was a morning to celebrate live.

It was a perfect opportunity for women to spend precious time together and enjoy some of life's little pleasures.

Cancer affects all our lives at some points and most people know someone who has been affected by it. Click here for full story.

Press coverage: The Star, Saturday October 24, 2009
RM13,000 for IWA cancer fund. Click here for full story

Expatriate Lifestyles visits Penang

"Ireland!" the crowd shouts for the eighth time toward six bottles of whisky at the front of the room. They're not calling to the liquor though. Instead, at the head of the hall stands Eugene, quizmaster for the Penang Irish Association's second quiz night. Click here for full story.

Bulli for me
GASTRONOMIC ADVENTURE: Such is the demand to eat at el Bulli - the Spanish restaurant voted the best in the world - that diners are chosen by lottery. Irish Times web designer Chris Carpenter got lucky, and invited his colleague Kilian Doyle to accompany him. They were blown away by Ferran Adrià's 35 magical courses - as much a crash course in chemistry as a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience
ON A ROCKY outcrop in a wild, rugged corner of Spain's Costa Brava lies el Bulli, widely acknowledged as the greatest restaurant in the world. Click here for full story.

"Exotic Jams and Pickles" - very tasty and worth a try!
by Inge Viermann
Tel: 012 - 462 4979
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Catering with a difference
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Helpful tips and ideas on designing your dream kitchen
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Torch Ginger or Ginger Flower
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Latest book release
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FoodFriends' tips

Our top tip for enjoing life here is to take advantage of everything Penang has to offer. The first big tip: join FoodFriends! Click here for full story.

Salad Nibbler: recent research has shown that starting with a small salad curbs your appetite. Click here for full story.

Drinking water before eating curbs appetite.
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Healthy juices for total wellness
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Herbal Teas
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Peroxide, who knew? (Safer and healthier than bleach)
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Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow
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Food News

Chef Bob rates 12 out of 10
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Chef Adam's Best Gadget!
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Read between the slices
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Praising the leek
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