Amelie café
by Deborah Robinson

A new little 'Rustic eatery' has appeared in Armenian street called "Amelie, and if you blink you could walk right passed it without realising you are missing out on some great food as well as atmosphere.

This is the greenest cafe I have ever seen; reusing and recycling as much possible, even using jam jars for glasses. The cheekily painted cardboard menus, the 'Harlequin' handmade chairs and all the odd miss matching crockery is strangely cute. And with its' soft gentle Jazz music in the back ground and the quirky unique decor you would think you were in an old Paris cafe in the 1940s. We kept expecting to see a French onion seller cycle past in his stripy top & jauntily angled beret!

The menu is like the place itself, small but enough choice for all. "Good food comes from good produce" The Chef said. " It must be fresh and good quality or there is no point in cooking it." He is also the interior decorator being a graphic designer as well! And his friend and business partner makes all the pasta by hand every morning as well as ensuring customers are well looked after.

We fully recommend the Tomato Classic pasta with Pork sausage for rm 14.90 very tasty. The bacon salad sandwich on Focaccia @ rm 14.90 was also a hit, as was the Ice cream with fruit and Granola! Then sit back and enjoy a good freshly made coffee while you dreamily think you are Audrey Hepburn in the film "Sabrina; " ....still reaching for the moon!

So next time you are near Armenian street check it out, but be warned it only seats 12!

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