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I am very happy for my dear friend, Maggie T as she makes one of her life long dreams come true with the launch of Uncle Albert’s Traditional Fish and Chips at Straits Quay. She has always wanted to open a restaurant and where better than to have it here in Penang, one of the top food havens of the world. Together with Liam Healy, they bring authentic fish and chips to the shores of George Town. This is their second chain in Malaysia, with its inaugural induction in Ipoh in July 2013.

When my daughter, Jean wipes the plate of potato soup that clean,
you know it's good and we're in for a real treat.

For all seasoned British Chippy lovers and those who have not yet experienced the pleasures of the great British Chippy, you will be happy to learn that Uncle Albert’s famous traditional English Cod is a dish that works on many levels. There is the crispness of the batter; the freshness and flakiness of the fish; the irresistible nature of the fluffy chips; and, finally, the extras. Salt and vinegar, and plenty of both for me, though I have no time for the mushy peas that are a traditional accompaniment in British fish and chip shops.

I am glad mild curry sauce that is so popular with the Brits were not offered at Uncle Albert’s. Penangites who know their curries too well will scream murder if it were to be poured onto of their fish and chips.

Having lived in Penang for more than a decade, Maggie understands the local culture well and appreciates the fact the Penangites demand not only quality food but also variety. Thus, on the menu, you will find much more than fish and chips – although battered cod, halibut and haddock as well as grilled monkfish and salmon are available.

Besides scrumptious snacks, other delectable main courses include salmon pasta, roast chicken complete with roasted potatoes, stuffing and gravy, spicy Dublin Bay prawns, beef burger with in-house pesto sauce, lasagna, Fisherman’s pie and more.

Entries for ‘kids’ include childhood favourites such as fish fingers and homemade chicken nuggets with chips.

Drinks wise, they have Kilkenny on draft alongside Tiger, Heineken and Guinness, an extensive wine list (including a house blend) as well as a couple of liqueurs, mocktails and juices.

The quintessential pairing of fish and chips with draft beer is quite heavenly.

For dessert, my family and I ended with lemon posset and orange-buttered crepe. Both were intensely satisfying, ending a meal that was a classic old-style blow-out from the pages of Beano and Dandy.

Set in a conducive, cosy atmosphere, the restaurant have air conditioned as well as al fresco dining areas. The walls of the interior are plaster with newspaper headings of yesteryear including some on Uncle Albert. If you opt to have your meal outdoors, you will enjoy cool sea breeze and a breathtaking view of Straits Quay marina overlooking luxurious yachts and boats.

For indoor patrons, via the theatre kitchen, you will be able to view first hand how your meal is being prepared as well as catch skillful chefs in action. You will also notice plump chicken being roasted to perfection in the rotary oven as aromatic flavours waft through from the kitchen.

The way I see it, what sets Uncle Albert’s apart from the rest is Maggie’s passion and her culinary prowess that drive her team to excel in their service. Maggie explains that great food requires fresh, quality ingredients. All the fish served at Uncle Albert’s is ridiculously fresh because they are carefully selected and air-flown to Penang from Ireland, England, Iceland and Norway. Soups, sauces and seasoning all use quality ingredients and are prepared in-house. Uncle Albert’s is also MSG free.

When asked what makes Uncle Albert’s signature dish so mouthwatering, Maggie divulge: “The secret not only lies in the batter but also the exact temperature at which the batter puffs up, protecting its piscine contents, allowing the fish to steam rather than wallow in oil.”

Uncle Albert’s is good, very good to be fair, and well above most fish and chips I have tried. So well done Maggie and keep it going.

PS: Uncle Albert’s opening promotion includes free homemade soup and Irish brown bread with every main course ordered.

Uncle Albert’s Traditional Fish and Chips
3A-G-8 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4–890 3407 | Fax: +60 4–890 5506
Opens daily from 11am to 11pm


Written and photographed by Adrian Cheah

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