Jo's Smoked Chicken, Ricotta and
Parmesan Cheese Pie


250g tub Ricotta Cheese
1 Large Cup of Parmesan Cheese
Large Bunch fresh Spinach (About 2 cup full's)
10 shitake mushrooms
Semi dried tomato's
1 Large red pepper
Small bunch of chives
3 sheets of Puff Pastry
Zest of 2 lemons
150g smoked chicken


Set the oven to 175 degrees Celsius, the ingredients in this recipe are for a small/medium sized Pie.

Place the Ricotta cheese into a bowl then roughly chop the spinach, dice the red peppers until they are in small pieces, slice the shitake mushrooms, and roughly chop the chives, roughly chop the semi dried tomato's add all these ingredients into the bowl. Next take the 2 lemons and grate the zest from these into the bowl. Now take the smoked chicken and chop it in rough pieces its better when it is not all the same size, some small pieces and some bigger pieces, lastly add the Parmesan cheese.

Now you can add more Parmesan cheese If you desire, and to be honest it gives the pie an extra zoosh of flavour. Take an ovenproof dish and brush lightly with olive oil. Now take your puff pastry and roll it out until a nice thickness. Line the dish with the pastry and place the entire filling in the dish. Now roll out the remaining pastry and make a lid for the pie. Now if you really want to be creative which is what we do in our home. You can personalise the pie. We have personal pie night in our home and I will put letters or a symbol that is suited to the person that the pie is for, it just adds an element of fun.
Bake for approximately 30/35 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

Jo's Note: This is a great recipe for a light lunch served with a salad and a bit of your favourite sweet chutney on the side.

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